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Lessons Learned: From A Gen Y

Today I read an interesting article written by an educated and clearly smart Gen Y: What I Learned When I Lost My Internship at Facebook9v. In this article, he details his story as to what happened to cause him to … Continue reading

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Generational Communication: Cut through the “Noise”

In our communication program, we review with participants the foundation of effective communication. To start, we also highlight the basics of the sender–receiver model that forms all types of communication. Whether speaking or writing, I am sending a message and … Continue reading

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Getting to the Top: Right Now!

We hear it in our sessions all the time, and the other day, I heard it on a drama series – ‘the new generation just thinks that they can get to the top very quickly’. This perception of Gen Ys … Continue reading

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Generational Viewpoints on Vacation: It’s Not a Perk

Vacations and Work-Life Balance It is summer and everyone’s thoughts are on vacation – whether long weekends or booked time-off. In conversation with a client, he mentioned that he had just been on a 2-week vacation. He continued saying that … Continue reading

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Proving The HR Case: Still Not Easy

Recently, I presented at an HR association and a number of participants spoke to me after the presentation about their workplace situations. A few HR leaders mentioned that they were having a hard time helping senior leadership to understand the … Continue reading

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Identifying the Need Behind the Need: Strategic Selling

In business development, sales reps are taught how to effectively probe. They are challenged to ask the questions that will allow them to propose the right solution to the client, rather than just proposing a cookie-cutter solution. The better reps … Continue reading

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Recruiting and On-boarding on a Virtual Team

While many aspects of recruiting remain the same when looking for an employee who will primarily work virtually, there are a couple of additional considerations. Working virtually is not for everyone – some people find it lonely that they are … Continue reading

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Crucial Conversations – are they always negative?

Historically, ‘crucial conversations’ used to be termed ‘difficult conversations’. In our drive to political correctness and repositioning everything into the positive, human resources language has changed (e.g. ‘criticism’, to ‘negative feedback’ to ‘areas of improvement’ to ‘areas of opportunity’). So … Continue reading

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Gen Ys as Financial Consumers: Are Banks Ready?

Many organizations have done surveys and analysed the results of Gen Ys as consumers. Most organizations of varying sectors have realised that they cannot assume that Gen Y customers are the same as previous generations. They have dedicated marketing, product, … Continue reading

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Will they or won’t they? What will Boomers do?

Will Baby Boomers Retire? Or what will they do? For years, demographers, sociologists and workplace experts have been prophesizing many Baby Boomer tidal waves. For example, there will be a tsunami of retirement or a tsunami of family homes being … Continue reading

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