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The Affect of Workplace Stress on Organizations

High Workplace Stress Hurts Everyone A recent survey by Monster Canada found that 58 percent of people surveyed say they feel overworked and about one-third blame an increasing workload for their stress. In addition, one in four people have quit … Continue reading

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Back to School Lessons That Can Be Applied to Work

What Back to School Can Teach Us About Our Careers This week was all about getting my step kids and my nieces ready for back to school. It’s an exciting time for the little ones, and the teenagers wish the … Continue reading

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The Emotional Culture of Your Organization

Why It’s Important to Care About Emotions Emotions are a big part of the decision-making process. While we all may like to believe that we always act rationally, that we only consider the facts, and that we don’t let our … Continue reading

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Does Your Organization Even Need an Office?

Remote Employees: Are They Right for Your Organization? I recently shared a story on my Twitter account about organizations that have moved from traditional office environments to an arrangement that features primarily remote employees and virtual workspaces. Some of these … Continue reading

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What Makes Millennials Want to Work at your Organization?

Not a week goes by when a client or prospective client doesn’t speak about their need to improve how they recruit, retain and engage Millennial employees. We have launched our national survey on Gen Z and the data will be … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Team Productive in the Summer

Anyone who knows me, knows that summer is my absolute favourite season of the year. It never feels long enough to me and I always want to maximize all the great things that come along with warmer temperatures. Finding ways … Continue reading

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What Millennials Mean by Work-Life Balance

Last week I presented at the annual Society for Human Resources Management conference in New Orleans. With more than 15,000 HR leaders and practitioners at the conference, the energy was and the dialogue was very engaging.  I presented on how … Continue reading

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How to Make Summer Hours Work for your Organization

Are Summer Hours Right for You? The warm summer weather is here and, at many organizations, this means “summer hours” are on the horizon. What does the term “summer hours” mean? In general, it means reduced schedules during the summer. … Continue reading

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Workplace Gossip and How It Affects Engagement

Why Office Gossip is Harmful and What Leaders Can Do In an organization, it’s often desirable that employees get along with one another. When people who work together become friends, they tend to like coming to work more and teamwork … Continue reading

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Money & Millennials: What Do They Value?

Yesterday, my colleague Bruce Sellery (@brucesellery) and I presented our new program Money & Millennials to several hundred financial advisors.  The discussions we had before, during and after the session highlighted for me the need to have dialogue around this … Continue reading

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