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Workplace Gossip and How It Affects Engagement

Why Office Gossip is Harmful and What Leaders Can Do In an organization, it’s often desirable that employees get along with one another. When people who work together become friends, they tend to like coming to work more and teamwork … Continue reading

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Money & Millennials: What Do They Value?

Yesterday, my colleague Bruce Sellery (@brucesellery) and I presented our new program Money & Millennials to several hundred financial advisors.  The discussions we had before, during and after the session highlighted for me the need to have dialogue around this … Continue reading

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Is a Healthier Workforce a More Productive Workforce?

Absolutely!  When employees are healthier they bring the benefits of their lifestyle with them to work and everyone wins. The Connection Between Health and Productivity Now that more pleasant spring weather is finally here, a lot of us are coming … Continue reading

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Growing Engagement with Remote Employees

Making Everyone Part of the Team There was a time, not so long ago, where everyone who worked for an organization did so by “going to work” and physically being in the office. However, this is no longer the case. Many … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning your Work

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just For Your Home Now that the spring is finally here, you might have planned to do some spring cleaning. Typically, that means organizing things, putting away winter clothes, and – for me – actually vacuuming under … Continue reading

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Why Having Women in Leadership Roles Matters

Women in Leadership Roles Help Organizations Succeed Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It was a great opportunity to take some time to think about and thank the amazing female entrepreneurs who inspire me, my clients who support women to become … Continue reading

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Fostering Personal Connections at Work

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a client about how their move to a new, modern work environment will impact their organizational culture.  The emphasis will be on open, fluid spaces, no assigned desks, no private offices and lots … Continue reading

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Motivating & Rewarding Employees of All Generations

How to motivate and engage employees is a topic that consistently receives attention from senior leaders, because it underpins all other business goals. The need to reward and recognize employees in a way that increases their motivation; makes them feel … Continue reading

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What Different Generations Have in Common

As is often the case when I am having a discussion regarding generational differences, the issue of similarities and commonality arise. The conclusion is that while generational differences do exist (as is the case with other forms of diversity such … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Vacations

How Vacations Help Productivity Happy New Year! Now that the holiday season is behind us for another year, it’s time to get back to work and focus on our goals for the upcoming months. Hopefully you had a chance to … Continue reading

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