E-learning Course

Different Generations – Different Approaches to work ™ : The Fundamentals

Audience: All employees
Run Time: 25-minutes
Features: Animation, videos, interactive questions, knowledge checks

This highly interactive two-part e-learning course is the most effective way to raise awareness of generational identities, differences and strengths across your organization It is designed to educate and inform, every associate, individual contributor and team member  in your organization. Employees gain awareness of the four generations as well as tips and techniques to maximize collaboration within a multigenerational team.

Key Topics

  • Life-defining events that shaped each generation’s identity and the unique  attitudes of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys.
  • Generational behaviours and expectations as it relates to loyalty and work styles
  • Five Tips for Effective Team Collaboration

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