Four Generations – Four Approaches to Work™: Increasing Engagement

Organizations today face the challenge of creating high-performing environments that produce business results. The more engaged employees are, the more productive they will be. The four generations in the workplace – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys – possess different behaviours and expectations, because of their generational identities. The tactics that may engage one generation will not necessarily engage others. If you cannot get, keep and grow a multigenerational workforce, your team performance and engagement levels will be impacted. Leaders of all levels need to recognize how to strategically create an environment that maximizes the skills sets of all four generations, while managing the differences.

This workshop helps managers and leaders understand how to lead, manage, motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce. Participants solve an organizational specific scenario as well as an individual management challenge.

Audience: Managers, Leaders & Supervisors
Length: Half or full day workshop; 60-90 minute presentation

  • The four generations’ life-defining events, values and characteristics
  • How generational identities translate into behaviours in the workplace
  • The new employment relationship
  • Demonstrating organizational engagement – transparency, responsiveness & partnering
  • Solving an organizational and/or individual management challenge

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