Loyalty Unplugged

Loyalty Unplugged:
How to Get, Keep & Grow All Four Generations

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Loyalty Unplugged

Loyalty is dead, or is it? In Loyalty Unplugged: How to Get, Keep & Grow All Four Generations, Giselle Kovary and Adwoa K. Buahene definitively answer this question. We reframe the concept of loyalty against the design and execution of people strategies. We suggest that the goal of people leaders should be to create employee engagement not loyalty. The four generations in the workplace – Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial – demonstrate different workplace behaviours because of their unique identities. Leaders must maximize those behaviours while managing the generational differences in the workplace to create an engaged workforce.

Loyalty Unplugged clarifies how to get, keep, and grow your human capital by responding to the identities of different generations in the workplace. The book outlines what your organization must do to build an engaged workforce. It shows leaders how to demonstrate the characteristics of organizational engagement.

This book from n-gen is based on more than three years of research and client work. It is a comprehensive reference guide for all leaders responsible for getting, keeping, and growing high-performance employees. It tackles the why, what, and how to, within recruitment, orientation, total rewards programs, employee brand promises, career- pathing, learning and development, mentoring, performance management, succession planning and management practices.

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