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Upgrade Now: 9 Advanced Leadership Skills

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Are you a status quo leader? Or do you continuously adapt your leadership skills?  Today’s business reality requires that all leaders be flexible, adaptable and focused on continuously improving their leadership skills.  The status quo is not acceptable, you must upgrade now!  This innovative book offers tools and techniques for you to become more effective in leading and engaging your teams, by focusing on 9 advanced leadership skills.  The more effective you are, the more productive your team will be. Leadership skills, like every other skill, require constant upgrading because team dynamics, operational realities and business strategies change.

n-gen People Performance Inc. capitalizes on years of client experience – working with hundreds of organizations, and training over 50,000 employees and managers – to bring you a practical guide on how to advance your leadership skills.  Upgrade Now is specific and practical in nature; you can quickly identify the skill you need to upgrade, and begin implementing new techniques right away.  Our extensive research of what employees want, and how to overcome the challenges that leaders face, has shaped and enriched the information, tools, and techniques provided. Moreover, by applying a generational perspective to each of the nine advanced leadership skills, we truly give leaders the ability to upgrade what they do, and how they do it. It isn’t an upgrade unless leaders have a concrete understanding of how to adapt their leadership practices to meet the differing values and expectations of a multigenerational workforce.

Each chapter of Upgrade Now is structured to provide leaders with the information required to: learn each advanced skill; apply each skill (with helpful tips on how to do so); upgrade their leadership approach (by layering on a generational perspective); and execute their plans (using the comprehensive tools provided).

The book is filled with client examples from leading organizations such as Chevron, Wal-Mart, Starwood and Xerox. Upgrade Now is a must read for leaders who are interested in upgrading their leadership skills, driving team performance and engaging a multigenerational workforce.

Table of Contents:

Why Upgrade Now?

  1. Creating An Engaging Work Environment
  2. Facilitating Employees’ Career Development
  3. Generating Results Through Performance Management
  4. Engaging Employees Through Recognition
  5. Empowering Employees Through Effective Delegation
  6. Leading  Virtual Teams
  7. Managing Experienced Employees: Leadership Skills for Gen X & Gen Y
  8. Leading & Managing Change
  9. Leveraging Social Media

What’s Next?
The Future of Leadership

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