Generating Results Through Performance Management

Performance management is always a hot topic because senior leaders want to ensure employees are high performing and delivering business results, and employees want to ensure they know what is expected of them. Unfortunately, for many managers, performance management is a dreaded process because it’s often far too complex and time consuming. In addition, performance discussions tend to be viewed as conflict conversations and employees often are unclear of how their performance is evaluated.

Regardless of organizational size, industry or sector, employee performance must be effectively managed. This is achieved by understanding the organization’s performance management process, and what behaviours are needed to drive employee performance.

This workshop provides leaders with the conceptual knowledge of performance management and the tactical skills to conduct the planning, managing, assessing, and rewarding phases of the process.

Audience: Leaders, Managers & Supervisors
Length: Half or full-day workshop, 60-90 minute presentation

  • Goals and benefits of performance management
  • The art and science of the performance management process
  • The four phases of performance management
  • Generational expectations of performance management
  • Top 10 performance management tips

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