Facilitating Employees’ Career Development

Being able to help your employees develop their careers requires different behaviours and skills than in the past. Organizations, leaders, and even employees themselves, cannot be certain that they will spend their entire career within one department, functional area or even organization. Leaders need to recognize that there is a difference between performance management and career development conversations. Both are critical to engagement and retention, but both cannot be approached in the same way. Leaders need to realize that they are not ‘managing’ employees’ careers, rather, they are facilitating them along their desired paths. Leaders need to understand their employees’ definition of a career, be willing to assist employees in realizing that definition, and take action to remove barriers to help them achieve their career definition.

This workshop helps managers and leaders understand how to plan and execute successful career development conversations. You learn what questions to ask and how to help facilitate an employee’s career

Audience: Managers, Leaders & Supervisors
Length: Half or full-day workshop, 60-90 minute presentation

  • What career development is and is not
  • Career paths – evaluating what your organization offers
  • The changing nature of employee career desires
  • Sharing the accountability of career development
  • How to facilitate career development
  • Questions for successful career development conversations
  • Generational perspectives on career development

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