Empowering through Effective Delegation

Empowerment and delegation – simple terms – yet very difficult to action. The most effective way to empower employees is through delegation. However, often leaders don’t delegate at all, or they struggle with how to do it. Often the reluctance to is based on a number of fears and rigid beliefs of what it means to be efficient, or what it means to lead. In addition, while leaders talk about empowering their employees, many would state that they themselves do not feel empowered. They are therefore unclear as to how to take action to empower their teams. While empowerment may seem intangible, it is actually a tangible, measurable activity. It can be measured by how effectively leaders delegate.

This workshop focuses on building the skills of effective delegation. We explore both the objections and benefits to delegation. Leaders then focus on concrete processes that allow them to become more comfortable with delegation; to know how and when to delegate; and to identify how to measure success.

Audience: team leaders, supervisors, managers
Length: Half or full-day workshop, 60-90 minute presentation

  • Definitions of empowerment and delegation
  • Benefits of delegation – employee & leader
  • Objections to delegation
  • Factors required to demonstrate effective delegation
  • Leadership behaviours and skills for delegation
  • Generational perspectives on delegation

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