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Are recruiters surprised when Millennial candidates want to bring their parents to the interview?

Are your HR practices and programs flawlessly executed across your organization?

Are you an employer of choice?  If not, do you know why?

HR teams have evolved to become sophisticated business partners that own, manage and direct all people practices.  The people side of the business is becoming increasingly important.  If your organization can’t recruit, retain, develop and engage the best employees, your ability to deliver your products and services is at risk.  HR is now a strategic partner in creating the vision, direction and capacity to execute your organizational goals.

n-gen’s HR training workshops provide human resources professionals, from recruiters to CLOs to VPs of talent management with the theoretical knowledge, based on current research and best practices, to build effective people strategies.  We provide tactical plans for how to design, develop and implement solutions that will get ’em, keep ’em & grow ’em.  As organizational culture change agents, HR teams must be able to gain senior leadership commitment, design programs and policies that support change, and coach others on how to take action to effect change.

How to Get, Keep and Grow Top Talent

This workshop provides insights into how to best recruit, retain and develop a multigenerational workforce. We explore the strategic implications of generational values and expectations on all people practice areas.
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Recruiting Multigenerational Employees

This workshop explores effective interviewing techniques, generational responses to the recruitment process and how to evaluate candidates’ best fit.
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Performance Management

This workshop provides a model for designing and implementing a strategic performance management process.
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Building An Employer Brand

This workshop helps HR leaders identify, create and communicate an employee brand promise that engages all employee groups and is aligned to the current organizational culture.
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Designing a Recognition Program

This workshop helps HR leader construct an effective recognition strategy that taps into the values, expectations and values of all four generations, and drives forward the performance of your organization.
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Leading Cultural Change

This workshop provides insights into how HR leaders can lead change by designing and implementing a change management plan that takes into consideration the people side of the equation.
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