First-Ever National Generation Z Survey Study Yields Valuable Insights for Employers

Results Highlight Gen Z’s Unique Perspectives on Work, Life, and Learning

Toronto – Gen Z: A Generation to Look up To, Canada’s first national survey study on Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2012), unearthed some valuable insights for employers gearing up to hire Gen Z employees over the next few years.

The study, done for n-gen People Performance by Environics Analytics, finds that:

  • Generation Z is loyal and values security in the workplace. Gen Z employees see loyalty and security as top priorities; they don’t believe they need to work for several different companies to be successful. In fact, 85% want a job they will stay at for a long time, 89% identified a secure job as a top priority, and 89% want a job that allows them to develop new skills and learn new things.
  • Generation Z workers are loyal and have traditional values. Respondents understand the need to follow direction, respect authority, and pay their dues. Seventy-four percent indicate that it is important to ‘do what your boss tells you to do’ in order to advance, 86% want a job in an industry they believe in, or that matches their personal values, and 78% rate working in a job that enables them to make an important contribution to their community, country, and the world as very or somewhat important.
  • This is a balanced, realistic, and optimistic generation. Sixty-seven percent of respondents believe that when getting a new job, they would feel lucky to have that job, versus believing the company would be lucky to have them as an employee. Generation Z draws from the Baby Boomer work ethic, the independence of its Generation X parents, and the fluidity of the Millennial generation. Eighty-eight percent list the “ability to adapt to change” as a top factor to success.
  • To attract Gen Z talent, employers must understand the generation’s need for stability. Gen Z employees want to feel appreciated for their workand loyalty. Almost two-thirds of respondents (62%) say it’s important that they work for an organization that is a leader in its field and that their job is seen by others as important (63%).

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