Generation Z: Your Future Workforce

In Canada’s first national survey on Generation Z, n-gen unearthed some valuable insights for employers gearing up to hire Gen Z employees over the next few years. Survey insights will help shape impactful HR practices, leadership behaviours, and learning and development solutions for organizations of all sizes.

The study, done for n-gen People Performance by Environics Research, finds that:

  • Generation Z is loyal and values security in the workplace. Gen Z employees see loyalty and security as top priorities; they don’t believe they need to work for several different companies to be successful.
  • Generation Z have traditional values. Respondents understand the need to follow direction, respect authority, and pay their dues.
  • This generation is a balanced, realistic, and optimistic. Sixty-seven percent of respondents believe that when getting a new job, they would feel lucky to have that job, versus believing the company would be lucky to have them as an employee. Generation Z draws from the Baby Boomer work ethic, the independence of its Generation X parents, and the fluidity of the Millennial generation.
  • To attract Gen Z talent, employers must understand this generation’s need for stability. Gen Z employees want to feel appreciated for their work and build loyal relationships.

Audience: Managers, Leaders, HR teams, Learning & Development teams, Educators

Length: Half or 60-90 minute presentation

  • Generation Z’s life experiences and expectations
  • Employment, work and career expectations
  • Attitudes towards education and learning
  • How Gen Zs differs from Millennials
  • Tips for how to lead, manage and engage Gen Z
  • Implications for employers in the areas of recruitment, work environment, leadership practices and engagement
  • Impact on educators and learning & development teams in the areas of instructional design, delivery and learner engagement

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