Sales & Customer Service

“No worries dude, I’ve got it covered.” (said to a customer)

“I’ll get that to you tomorrow, I have to go to my ultimate frisbee game.” (said to a client)

“I sent your company a question 20 minutes ago, and I haven’t received a response – what gives?” (asked by a Millennial customer)

These are some of the phrases that we have heard. In today’s business environment it is increasingly difficult to differentiate oneself. One of the best tools that you have for success are your people. However, your people need to know how to sell and service all kinds of customers effectively. Just as there are four generations of employees, your organization sells and services at least four generations of customers and clients.

Our training workshops in sales and customer service meet three objectives: they train participants on sales and service skills, ranging from the fundamental to the more complex; they take into account that your customer and employee base is multigenerational; and they are customized to your operational environment.


In this course we discuss how to execute a sales process that engages all four generations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    See Training Course Details

Customer Service

In this course we discuss what each generation of customer classifies as service excellence. We determine concrete tips and techniques that will improve service from a generational perspective.
See Training Course Details

Client Relationship Management

This workshop explores the foundational concepts related to strategic relationship management.
See Training Course Details

Pleasing the Displeased Customer

This workshop focuses on how best to communicate with your customer, what to say, and how to build a plan for successful resolution of their problem.                                                                                                                                                              See Training Course Details

Motivating Sales Reps

This workshop is designed to help sales managers understand and learn techniques to motivate all four generations of employees.
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