Are managers surprised when younger employees call in ‘tired’?

Do leaders scratch their heads and wonder why they just can’t retain employees anymore?

Do supervisors struggle with increasing requests to work from home?

Leaders today don’t need an MBA, they need an MPA – Masters of People Administration. To be a successful manager and leader, you must have both the functional skills to be effective in your role, and the people leadership skills to motivate and engage your team. Leadership today requires an ability to connect with a diverse workforce; coach and develop employees to be successful; be increasingly transparent in your communication and lead virtual teams that work remotely.

n-gen’s leadership workshops provide managers at all levels with the tools, techniques and skills required to engage employees, drive organizational performance and increase team collaboration.

Increasing Engagement

This workshop helps managers and leaders understand how to lead, manage, motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce.
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Multigenerational Communication

This workshop provides managers and leaders with a Six Step Communication Plan that they can easily implement in order to be more proactive, clear, and consistent in their communication.
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Performance Management

This workshop provides leaders with the conceptual knowledge of performance management and the tactical skills to conduct the planning, managing, assessing, and rewarding phases of the process.
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Career Development

This workshop helps managers and leaders understand how to plan and execute successful career development conversations.
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Helping Younger Managers

This workshop allows younger leaders to improve their ability to motivate their experienced employees.
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Leading & Engaging Millennials: The Do’s and Don’ts

This workshop helps managers and leaders understand Millennials’gen values and expectations regarding their employment relationship with you.
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Empowering and Delegation

This workshop focuses on building the skills of effective delegation.
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Change Management

This workshop explores the different types of change that leaders need to manage, the two prevailing approaches to change, and the actions required to execute the 10-step change management process.
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Managing Virtual Teams

This workshop helps managers lead their virtual teams.
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