“The meeting didn’t really interest me, so I decided to do my online banking.”

“The lunch hour is my own time, right? So why can’t I take a nap?”

“So I email the CEO directly, and my manager got bent out of shape – what gives?”

“Y shouldn’t I txt u?”

The youngest generation has entered into our workforce en masse. Often there are fundamental business and relationship building skills that are lacking. This leads to frustration on their end by the less-than-positive feedback they get, and leaders and organizations are confused about the expectations and behaviours demonstrated by Millennials. Many organizations have taken advantage of our workshops to train leaders, managers and HR professionals on how to lead a multigenerational workforce. However, most tell us that Millennials also require training on how they can best succeed in the workplace. Our workshops are designed to set Millennials up for success, and have been designed exclusively for Millennial participants. They are often used within a formalized orientation program or delivered within the first 6 months of employment. We train Millennials on the expectations of the other generations, and how to showcase their skills effectively for maximum impact in the workplace.

Navigating the Business Environment

For new graduates entering the workforce, misunderstandings and confusion can often occur as they begin their careers. See Training Course Details

Business Etiquette

This workshop is designed to teach Millennials the fundamentals skills required to be successful in their workplace. See Training Course Details

Communications Skills

This workshop is designed to teach Millennials communication skills that will improve business, client and team relationships. See Training Course Details

Top 5 Things NOT to Do

This workshop is a hands-on problem solving workshop. We begin with the challenge, analyze, resolve, and build action plans to avoid future problems. We customize the workshop to your operational environment, and missteps common to your organization. See Training Course Details

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