Team Building

Do team members disagree on what it means to be a ‘team player’?

Do team conflicts occur because of a lack of understanding of  another person’s position and point of view?

Do younger team members feel frustrated that their opinions and ideas are not being solicited or acted upon?

Our work environments require that we work in teams, often with others who possess different skill sets, abilities and experience levels. In many cases, our teams are comprised of three or four different generations. As more responsibility and accountability is given to teams to solve key business challenges, the opportunity exists to fully tap into the innovation and creativity of all team members. By learning how to maximize the skill sets of all employees, while minimizing conflict, team collaboration will improve, and this translates into better results.

n-gen’s team building workshops provide employees with an opportunity to work together, exploring how to work effectively with all four generations of colleagues; how to manage and avoid conflict; and how to create innovative solutions to team challenges.

Maximizing Team Collaboration

This workshop explores how generational identities translate into behaviours, specifically as this relates to relationship with the organization (loyalty), relationship with authority, and work styles.
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Conflict Resolution With Peers

This workshop provides employees at all levels with the tools and techniques required to effectively respond to conflict situations.
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Tapping Into Innovation

This workshop provides teams with the tips and techniques for how to be more creative and innovative in solving individual, team and organizational challenges.
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