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n-gen is the training partner of choice for industry leaders, providing solutions for managing generational differences in the workplace.

We focus on customer service, sales, leadership, teambuilding and HR practices, and we deliver training programs that measurably improve performance within a multigenerational workforce.

n-gen’s diverse client groups span small, medium & large enterprises, including 21 of the Global Fortune 500 companies, the top 5 Canadian banks, 20 leading post-secondary institutions in North America, 12 of Canada’s largest energy companies, and government ministries & agencies at the federal, provincial, and municipal level. Current and past US clients include Freddie Mac, Olive Garden, Pearson Education, Chevron, Enbridge Inc., Tharpe Robbins and Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. More than 60,000 people have benefited from n-gen’s expertise, by attending a workshop or a presentation.

n-gen’s sales & customer service, leadership, Millennials, Gen Z, team building, and HR training programs provide people managers across the organization, with the strategies and techniques needed to engage multigenerational customers and employees.

n-gen’s expertise is sought after by leading-edge organizations across North America who believe that maximizing the skill of their workforce drives performance, and is an integral part of building a sustainable business strategy.

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