Leading & Engaging Millennials: The Do’s and Don’ts

Millennials have experienced a very different reality at home and at school prior to entering into the workforce. This cohort possesses very unique values, expectations and behaviours that are often in direct opposition to their colleagues. As such, managers and leaders often find it challenging to motivate, engage and retain Millennials and struggle with how to tap into their values, skills and knowledge. Also, your future leaders are going to be Millennials, so understanding how to engage and develop this cohort is critical for organizational sustainability.

This course focuses specifically how to lead, manage and engage Millennials. This course is a follow-up to Different Generations – Different Approaches to Work™: Increasing Engagement as participants learn advanced leadership behaviours to successfully lead Millennials. We also highlight how leaders have to build the employment deal with Millennials, holding this cohort accountable for one-half of the deal. We will work through scenarios to overcome common workplace challenges. Participants will solve an individual management challenge.

Audience: team leaders, supervisors, managers
Length: Half or full-day workshop, 60-90 minute presentation

  • Defining Millennials
  • What Millennials value
  • The new employment deal – how do you build it with Millennials
  • Giving coaching and feedback, including performance reviews
  • Recruiting and orientation of Millennials – what leaders must do
  • Creating a work environment that will retain Millennials
  • Developing your future leaders
  • Top 5 leadership tips

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