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Changing a Traditionalist Work Culture into one that Attracts Gen Ys

Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Gen Ys About 24% of the Canadian workforce is made up Gen Ys. By 2028 (just 14 years from now) it’s predicted that this cohort will make up 75% of the workforce in Canada. However, … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving Key Generational Issues

Creating a Strategy for All Generations The fact that there are multiple generations in the workplace and that they have different values and expectations impacts every aspect of an organization’s people strategies. This includes how organizations attract employees, how they … Continue reading

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Employees as Investors – Communicating The ROI

Employees as Investors The longer you keep employees and the higher performing they are, the greater your return on investment is in recruited them. But have you calculated the return on investment that your employees receive from working for you? … Continue reading

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Create a Learning Organization that Builds Talent

Elements of a Learning Organization Organizations of all types and sizes should be interested in creating an engaging environment for their employees so as to be able to deliver better business results. The goal of a learning organization is to … Continue reading

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Generational Diversity & Leadership

How Different Generations Challenge Leaders There are four generations in today’s workforce—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys. Each generational cohort possesses unique values, behaviours and skills based on their experiences of life-defining events. With Gen Xers establishing themselves … Continue reading

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Managing More Experienced Employees

Leadership Skills for Gen X & Gen Y For the first time in working history, younger generations are managing older, more experienced employees. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for Gen Xers and Gen Ys to be managing employees … Continue reading

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Effectively Delegating

How Each Generation of Leaders Approaches  Delegation Delegation can be difficult for many leaders, as it can be perceived as giving up control. Different generations see delegation in different ways. For example, in a Traditionalist environment, it may be seen … Continue reading

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