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n-gen People Performance has been an excellent partner over the last few months as we developed content and then Giselle Kovary taught the “Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce” class at Cisco Systems. Partnering with a Senior Vice President, she taught the class in the Americas, Europe and Asia. In all three theatres it was extremely well received – prompting much conversation and discussion. n-gen’s commitment to customer service, plus their extensive knowledge on the subject of all of the generations in the workforce, today, has been of great benefit to us in this process. 

Senior Manager, Cisco Systems

Working with n-gen was and is an absolute must for our business.  They are very professional and were able to create custom training solutions to meet the needs of our company and our leadership. They provide a level of expertise in the industry that was not found with other companies we have worked with in the past.  Through quality conversations and meticulous research and focus groups within our industry, they were able to draw upon their expertise, while keeping in touch with what was needed within our company.  They were able to deliver a superior quality training program and experience for all levels of our industry, from our sales people to our top leadership and executives, and were able to create a meaningful and impactful experience through their knowledge of our business.  

Program Manager, Salesforce Effectiveness, BMO Financial Group

We were very happy with n-gen’s delivery.  You did an excellent job of engaging the group and speaking to the topic. It was an insightful and enjoyable experience, thank you.

Program Analyst
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Your presentation was dynamic with a touch of humor which was refreshing and fun.  By making the group participate actively made this activity all the more interesting…it was great!

Correctional Service Canada

The n-gen speaker was dynamic and she received top reviews in our forum evaluation.  She was 100 % professional, exceptionally personable, funny, articulate, interesting and delivered a very relevant and interesting presentation to our group. She set the stage for the whole day in a meaningful way.  I would love to hire n-gen again for future events!

Regional Coordinator
National Managers' Community

n-gen’s high energy and engaging approach to team-building was instrumental in enabling all staff to feel very much part of the outcome of our Branch meeting workshops.  Their ability to differentiate between personal baggage and systemic problems helped the group to focus our efforts on addressing the real underlying issues with organizational structure, service delivery, and inherent barriers to getting our daily jobs done.  Great job, n-gen!

Senior Manager, Network Operations
Ministry of Government Services

n-gen was terrific.  The presentation was really appreciated by the employees, and the delivery was dynamic, engaging and relevant.  n-gen was also a pleasure to deal with on a coordination level.  Overall, a complete success!

Senior Project Officer
Health Canada

“n-gen made an impression on everyone at the conference, and the attendees’ feedback was fabulous.  Thank you for making our conference the best one so far!”

Administrative Assistant
City of Thunder Bay

“The day I sat in a SHRM workshop led by n-gen is the day my perspective on the current workforce changed forever. Their engaging presentation MADE me think in a whole new way. There has been a lot of talk about the multigenerational workforce of today, but n-gen puts a spin on it so that it all falls in to place, and it just makes sense. We’ve worked this information into our management styles, our training delivery, our recognition and evaluation processes, our product lines, and our customer interface. It’s absolutely awesome!”

Senior Vice President
TharpeRobbins Company

“Thank you so much for creating and facilitating our four Leadership Workshops at the Granite Club. I continue to receive positive feedback regarding your wealth of knowledge, your ability to captivate the audience for three hours and your use of relevant examples and scenarios.

During the workshop you guided the leaders to build strategies to engage all four generations which they have started to use. Thank you for taking the time to assess our needs and to better understand the private club industry. I can sincerely say that you have assisted the Granite Leadership Team in improving engagement of the four generations.”

Human Resources Director
The Granite Club

“Managers continue to use the information they gained at our “4 Generations- 4 approaches to Work” session. We see it in the manner in which our traditionalist managers have modified their recruiting and interviewing approach. We notice the change in employee satisfaction in our Gen X and Gen Y creative groups due to the restructured approach to work environment, both in the office and in remote telecommuting opportunities.

In our Annual Review Process, managers consider the factors they now understand better due to the workshop, and add this information to the holistic view of the employee. Overall, communication between the generations here at Pearson was improved by the opportunities for understanding shared by n-gen during our time with these dynamic and expert presenters.”

Human Resources
SBP Digital & Connected Sales

“We very much enjoyed your presentation and I find myself continually observing and analyzing the different groups in our community.”

Erb & Good Family Funeral Home Ltd.

“This event sparked many conversations within our office. Through examples, participants could identify generational behaviours in themselves and co-workers. This interactive presentation was informative and fun. We highly recommend it.”

Director, Managers’ Community
Natural Resources Canada

“Thank you so much for joining us at our National Convention, and for your excellent presentation on Generations. Your talk was interesting and thought provoking.”

Director of Training
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

“Our company recently engaged n-gen to provide a seminar and workshop to a small, highly-seasoned group of sales representatives. n-gen delivered a tailored presentation that met, and exceeded our needs.

Passionate and articulate, n-gen’s facilitator completely captivated our team, seamlessly weaving our corporate themes and language into the entire presentation and workshop. The value of intergenerational understanding and its implications to customer relationships was soaked up by our group and driven home by expert facilitation in the wrap-up discussion. On top of all this, n-gen was organized, timely, courteous and, best of all, fun to collaborate with. I look forward to bringing n-gen’s expertise to other teams.”

Sales Trainer Virology & Transplant
Hoffmann-La Roche Canada, Ltd.

“Clorox Canada has partnered with n-gen to ensure our managers understand the different experiences and life events which have shaped the characteristics of a multi-generational workforce. This understanding allows Clorox Canada to hone in on engagement drivers which ultimately lead to increased levels of retention and performance.  n-gen provides companies with a  generational perspective that is an essential part of any manager’s tool kit.”

Director, Human Resources
The Clorox Company of Canada Ltd.

“A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a one-day training workshop with n-gen. The content was relevant, and delivery and interaction with the speakers was efficient.  When we decided to offer a training course on multi-generations to all of our managers, I didn’t hesitate to call upon n-gen’s expertise. Their approach and ability to identify the customer’s needs, and to offer training in both languages constitute important benefits. Furthermore, they developed a concept of practical exercises including an action learning session and follow-up, which greatly facilitates the integration learning.”

“Il y a quelques années, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’assister à un atelier du groupe n-gen dans le cadre d’une journée de formation de notre groupe RH. Le contenu était pertinent, la livraison et l’interaction avec les conférencières très efficaces.  Lorsque nous avons décidé d’offrir à l’ensemble de nos gestionnaires, une session de formation sur les multigénérations, je n’ai eu aucune hésitation à faire appel au service du group n-gen. Leur approche, leur capacité de cerner les besoins du client et d’offrir la formation dans les deux langues constituent des avantages importants. De plus, ils ont développé un concept d’exercice pratique incluant une session de suivi qui facilite grandement l’intégration des notions apprises lors de la formation. ”

Director, Industrial Relations and Training
Astral Radio

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