Strategic Client Relationship Management

In today’s sales environment, business developers must shift their mindset from purely transactional selling to ‘customers’ to seeing sales as a way of servicing ‘clients’. Strategic client relationship management means that we take a longer term view of building relationships with clients and move away from purely tactical deals . The four generations of clients have different expectations as to how they expect a relationship be built with them.

This workshop will explore the foundational concepts related to strategic relationship management. We explore the four generations of customers, and how to build successful relationships with them. Participants leave with an action plan that they can implement in their sales roles.

Audience: Professional sales representatives, sales managers
Length: Half or full day workshop; 60-90 minute presentation

  • What’s the difference between a client and a customer?
  • Strategic vs. transactional sales
  • Communication styles for different generations of clients
  • Delivering superior service to clients
  • Building a longer-term relationship – key competencies & observable behaviours
  • Understanding what the key decision maker is looking for

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