Conflict Resolution With Peers

It is almost certain that at some point within your career, you will experience conflict with a colleague / peer.  It’s how you handle this situation that will impact whether or not you strengthen your relationship or weaken it.  The ability to express disagreement, manage conflict situations and create a win-win outcome are pivotal to building a strong team and experiencing an engaging work environment.

This workshop provides employees at all levels with the tools and techniques required to effectively respond to conflict situations.  We explore how to demonstrate the right behaviours to minimize and overcome conflict quickly.  Participants work through an individual conflict situation and create an action plan for overcoming the conflict.

Audience: all employees; teams
Length: Half or full day workshop; 60-90 minute presentation

  • Why conflict occurs
  • Identifying bullying versus constructive conflict
  • Generational responses to conflict
  • Communicating disagreement in a professional manner
  • Behaviour competencies required to respond effectively to conflict
  • Applying negotiating techniques to overcome conflict
  • Communication skills to avoid and manage conflict
  • Opportunities that arise from conflict

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