Tapping Into Innovation & Creativity

The ability to be creative isn’t limited by your role, level, or functional area.  All employees can generate creative solutions and apply innovative thinking to current situations.  What is required is an environment of openness, the desire to take risks, and the use of creative thinking methods.

This workshop provides teams with the tips and techniques for how to be more creative and innovative in solving individual, team and organizational challenges. We explore creative thinking methods that generate new ideas and overcome barriers to thinking about new points of view.   Participants work through an organizational or team challenge by applying creative thinking techniques to brainstorm new solutions.

Audience: all employees; teams
Length: Half or full day workshop; 60-90 minute presentation

  • What is creativity?
  • Barriers to creativity
  • How can you be more creative in your role?
  • Creative thinking methods that generate new ideas and solutions
  • Case studies of innovative thinking
  • Creating a work environment that encourages creative thinking
  • Solving an organizational / team challenging using creative thinking techniques

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