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You Still Have a Land Line? Gaps in Communication

In a session this week a participant shared that he had missed some important communications from a Millennial client because the client was sending text messages to his landline. When they discovered the gap in communication the younger customer exclaimed, … Continue reading

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Generational Communication: Cut through the “Noise”

In our communication program, we review with participants the foundation of effective communication. To start, we also highlight the basics of the sender–receiver model that forms all types of communication. Whether speaking or writing, I am sending a message and … Continue reading

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How Technology Can Close Doors in Our Communication

The other day I forgot my cell phone at home.  I was in a rush to make it to a doctor’s appointment so I didn’t have time to turn back.  I felt naked without it. What if I needed to … Continue reading

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Managing Teams Virtually: Takes More Time But Not Impossible

Keeping Virtual Teams Connected More and more often, leaders might have team members that are not in the same building, city or office. Some leaders worry about being effective, because if they can’t see the person, how will they know … Continue reading

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