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The Millennial Mindset & Disrupting Financial Markets

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Vlog 21 | Delivering Mutual Accountability – Leaders & Interns | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog: How Can We Communicate Best to a Multigenerational Team or Organizational Structure

In this week’s vlog, Giselle Kovary talks about how to best communicate with a multigenerational team.

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What Different Generations Expect from the Holiday Season at Work

How Should a Multigenerational Organization Celebrate the Holiday Season? The holiday season is upon us, and many organizations are already well into planning their yearly holiday festivities. While the expensive, elaborate, and lavish celebrations of the past may be gone … Continue reading

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What Other Generations Can Learn from Millennials

Learning from Millennials at Work One of the most common obstacles that I hear from employers is that they find it difficult to connect with Millennials and struggle to help them to “fit in” to the work environment. These struggles … Continue reading

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Are Some Generational Identities a Better “Fit” for Your Organization?

Increasingly our clients are facing a challenge with recruiting the “right” employees, retaining high performers and figuring out how best to manage the employees they have on their teams.  The reason this is becoming an issue is that senior leaders … Continue reading

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Generational Communication: Cut through the “Noise”

In our communication program, we review with participants the foundation of effective communication. To start, we also highlight the basics of the sender–receiver model that forms all types of communication. Whether speaking or writing, I am sending a message and … Continue reading

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Generational Viewpoints on Vacation: It’s Not a Perk

Vacations and Work-Life Balance It is summer and everyone’s thoughts are on vacation – whether long weekends or booked time-off. In conversation with a client, he mentioned that he had just been on a 2-week vacation. He continued saying that … Continue reading

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Proving The HR Case: Still Not Easy

Recently, I presented at an HR association and a number of participants spoke to me after the presentation about their workplace situations. A few HR leaders mentioned that they were having a hard time helping senior leadership to understand the … Continue reading

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Identifying the Need Behind the Need: Strategic Selling

In business development, sales reps are taught how to effectively probe. They are challenged to ask the questions that will allow them to propose the right solution to the client, rather than just proposing a cookie-cutter solution. The better reps … Continue reading

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