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Vlog 22 | SHRM Annual Conference 2019 – Global Generational Demographics: Using a Behavioral Model to Identify Cultural Differences | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog 21 | Delivering Mutual Accountability – Leaders & Interns | Giselle Kovary

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Proving The HR Case: Still Not Easy

Recently, I presented at an HR association and a number of participants spoke to me after the presentation about their workplace situations. A few HR leaders mentioned that they were having a hard time helping senior leadership to understand the … Continue reading

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Creating People Practices that Engage All Four Generations

Engaging Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers & Gen Ys Recently, n-gen delivered the opening presentation and co-moderated the Conference Board of Canada Generations 2014 conference. The audience was mixed, both private and public sector, but the theme was common. Every … Continue reading

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HR’s Role in Supporting a Culture of Innovation

The Importance of Creativity & Innovation in Business Often, we think that only those who produce work such as art or music are creative, but creativity and innovation are important in all roles and in all organizations. Before we can … Continue reading

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Four Key Workplace Trends

The Current Workplace Landscape: Perspectives, Considerations and Challenges With an improved economy, organizations face a rise in turnover and declining employee productivity. However, there are also key opportunities in the current workplace landscape. Here are four key trends and the … Continue reading

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The Impact of a Multigenerational Workforce on Human Resources Practices

A Multigenerational Workforce & the Changing Role of Human Resources As organizations struggle to adapt to the challenges of an ageing workforce and a competitive environment for highly engaged employees, it is important to tap into the values, expectations and … Continue reading

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