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Vlog 21 | Delivering Mutual Accountability – Leaders & Interns | Giselle Kovary

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Supporting Employees During Stressful Times

Stressed Out? The term “being stressed” is overused and is attributed to almost anything we face in our daily lives – traffic, bad weather, busy schedules or traveling. However, in reality there are certain situations that we that we need … Continue reading

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What If We Can’t Ignore Gen Ys Anymore?

Can We Still Discount Gen Ys? Earlier this week, the province of New Brunswick elected the youngest premier in Canadian history. At 32 years old, premier Brian Gallant falls into the Gen Y cohort.  As with any generation, 3-4 years … Continue reading

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Employees as Investors – Communicating The ROI

Employees as Investors The longer you keep employees and the higher performing they are, the greater your return on investment is in recruited them. But have you calculated the return on investment that your employees receive from working for you? … Continue reading

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Four Key Workplace Trends

The Current Workplace Landscape: Perspectives, Considerations and Challenges With an improved economy, organizations face a rise in turnover and declining employee productivity. However, there are also key opportunities in the current workplace landscape. Here are four key trends and the … Continue reading

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Corporate Citizenship and Green Workplaces

Benefits of Corporate Citizenship It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to focus time, effort and energy on corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and going “green.” Why? Because corporate citizenship has many advantages, including increased employee morale, strengthened brand … Continue reading

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Create a Learning Organization that Builds Talent

Elements of a Learning Organization Organizations of all types and sizes should be interested in creating an engaging environment for their employees so as to be able to deliver better business results. The goal of a learning organization is to … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Gen Ys to Succeed in the Workplace

Gen Ys in Today’s Workplace Many of our clients now have a significant portion of their workforce represented by Gen Ys. While this generations numbers in the workplace continue to rise,for young people who have not worked in a professional … Continue reading

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Succession Planning: Useful Exercise or an Exercise in Futility?

Succession Planning & Developing Future Leaders Organizations engage in succession planning in order to evaluate top talent, improve the organization’s strength in key positions, identify potential candidates early in their careers and create strategies to retain them, as well as … Continue reading

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3 Things to Look out for when Making a Job Offer to a Gen Y

Hiring Gen Y Employees You may already work with several Gen Ys, but it’s a good idea to remember and understand what this generation values and expects before you hire additional team members. All four generations in the workplace (Traditionalists, … Continue reading

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