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Vlog 22 | SHRM Annual Conference 2019 – Global Generational Demographics: Using a Behavioral Model to Identify Cultural Differences | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog 16 | Recruit and Retain Millennials & Gen Z | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog: Millennials As Market Disruptors

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Recruiting and On-boarding on a Virtual Team

While many aspects of recruiting remain the same when looking for an employee who will primarily work virtually, there are a couple of additional considerations. Working virtually is not for everyone – some people find it lonely that they are … Continue reading

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The Risks of High Youth Unemployment

How High Youth Unemployment Affects Organizations In many regions of the country, there are high levels of youth unemployment. In 2012, the unemployment rate for youth between 15 and 24 was 14.3 per cent, according to Statistics Canada. In Ontario, … Continue reading

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Why Companies Aren’t Hiring Recent College & University Graduates

What Organizations are Looking for in New Gen Y Employees When it comes to hiring new employees, many organizations spend a great deal of time and effort recruiting on campuses and at job fairs. Many job postings clearly state that … Continue reading

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Changing a Traditionalist Work Culture into one that Attracts Gen Ys

Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Gen Ys About 24% of the Canadian workforce is made up Gen Ys. By 2028 (just 14 years from now) it’s predicted that this cohort will make up 75% of the workforce in Canada. However, … Continue reading

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Create a Learning Organization that Builds Talent

Elements of a Learning Organization Organizations of all types and sizes should be interested in creating an engaging environment for their employees so as to be able to deliver better business results. The goal of a learning organization is to … Continue reading

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Jumping into Social Media – Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Building the Business Case for Social Media A lot of organizations struggle with why they should consider leveraging social media. They are often unsure as to how social media can fit into their day-to-day operations or how social media can … Continue reading

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Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce Starts With Recruitment

The Four Generations at Work With four generations in our organizations:   Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys, we all work in multigenerational teams  Each generational cohort possesses unique values, characteristics and skills based on their experiences and life-defining … Continue reading

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