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Empowering Team Members Who Want To “Be Their Own Boss”

Giving More Flexibility at Work As I discussed on the most recent Mind the Gap panel on CTV News Channel, a recent LinkedIn survey found that professionals are increasingly less interested in corner offices and prestigious job titles and that … Continue reading

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How to Make Summer Hours Work for your Organization

Are Summer Hours Right for You? The warm summer weather is here and, at many organizations, this means “summer hours” are on the horizon. What does the term “summer hours” mean? In general, it means reduced schedules during the summer. … Continue reading

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Managing Virtual Teams & Leading in A Flexible Work Environment

Today, working for an organization doesn’t necessarily mean heading into an office each day. Increasingly so, technology is being used to engage disperse and diverse groups of employees together. Experts from different geographies must come together to solve client challenges … Continue reading

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Engaging Gen Y Customers

Attracting Gen Ys to Your Brand A few weeks ago I worked with a client to explore how their business and current product offering could be modified and enhanced to better attract and engage Gen Y customers.  For this organization, … Continue reading

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Why Companies Aren’t Hiring Recent College & University Graduates

What Organizations are Looking for in New Gen Y Employees When it comes to hiring new employees, many organizations spend a great deal of time and effort recruiting on campuses and at job fairs. Many job postings clearly state that … Continue reading

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Changing a Traditionalist Work Culture into one that Attracts Gen Ys

Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Gen Ys About 24% of the Canadian workforce is made up Gen Ys. By 2028 (just 14 years from now) it’s predicted that this cohort will make up 75% of the workforce in Canada. However, … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving Key Generational Issues

Creating a Strategy for All Generations The fact that there are multiple generations in the workplace and that they have different values and expectations impacts every aspect of an organization’s people strategies. This includes how organizations attract employees, how they … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Retail Sector on Engaging Gen Ys

What Other Sectors Can Learn From The Retail Sector Even if you are not in the retail sector, many of the challenges that this sector faces are similar to the challenges that you may face in your industry or sector. … Continue reading

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Create a Learning Organization that Builds Talent

Elements of a Learning Organization Organizations of all types and sizes should be interested in creating an engaging environment for their employees so as to be able to deliver better business results. The goal of a learning organization is to … Continue reading

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Jumping into Social Media – Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Building the Business Case for Social Media A lot of organizations struggle with why they should consider leveraging social media. They are often unsure as to how social media can fit into their day-to-day operations or how social media can … Continue reading

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