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Vlog 25 | Career Development & Succession Planning | Millennials & Gen Z

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Vlog 20 | Human Capital Risk | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog: Summit For Professionals Managing Early in Career Programs

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Creating People Practices that Engage All Four Generations

Engaging Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers & Gen Ys Recently, n-gen delivered the opening presentation and co-moderated the Conference Board of Canada Generations 2014 conference. The audience was mixed, both private and public sector, but the theme was common. Every … Continue reading

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Mentoring Versus Sponsorship – Why You Need a Sponsor

The Difference between a Mentor and a Sponsor Having a mentor or a sponsor at your organization can greatly help your career. In fact, it is often crucial for successful career development. But what is the difference between a mentor … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving Key Generational Issues

Creating a Strategy for All Generations The fact that there are multiple generations in the workplace and that they have different values and expectations impacts every aspect of an organization’s people strategies. This includes how organizations attract employees, how they … Continue reading

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Four Key Workplace Trends

The Current Workplace Landscape: Perspectives, Considerations and Challenges With an improved economy, organizations face a rise in turnover and declining employee productivity. However, there are also key opportunities in the current workplace landscape. Here are four key trends and the … Continue reading

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Growing Your Career in the New Year

Finding Your Dream Job in 2014 2014 is here and a new year is always a good time to reflect on your life and evaluate your current situation. Many people take this opportunity to take a closer look at their … Continue reading

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Building a Winning Performance Management Process

Definition and Goals of Performance Management Performance management (PM) is a regular, ongoing activity that is carried out by managers and supervisors and is aimed at enhancing and maintaining employee performance objectives, however, often leaders struggle with how to effectively … Continue reading

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Create a Learning Organization that Builds Talent

Elements of a Learning Organization Organizations of all types and sizes should be interested in creating an engaging environment for their employees so as to be able to deliver better business results. The goal of a learning organization is to … Continue reading

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