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NEW Research + Infographic! How Different Generations Experienced COVID-19

We’re excited to announced the release of our latest research on how COVID-19 has impacted the different generations in the workplace. Do you want to know how your leaders and employees really feel as we all navigate COVID-19? If you’re … Continue reading

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Vlog 35 | Help Us Donate 1000 PPE Masks | Generational Pandemic Survey

Take Our 2020 Generational Pandemic Survey

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Vlog 20 | Human Capital Risk | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog: Why Understanding Generational Differences Is Not Stereotyping

In this week’s vlog, Giselle Kovary talks about why understanding generational differences is not stereotyping.        

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Vlog: How Can We Communicate Best to a Multigenerational Team or Organizational Structure

In this week’s vlog, Giselle Kovary talks about how to best communicate with a multigenerational team.

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What Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Teaches Us About Working in Teams

How Different Generations Work Together The latest season of Survivor premiered last week and while reality TV is certainly not discussed on this blog often, this season has a special twist that makes it relevant. The latest season features one … Continue reading

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The “Semi-Retired” Gen Xer

Those who Struggle to Find Work after being Laid Off Gen Xers, born between 1965 and 1980, have been in the workforce for several decades. As the oldest members of this cohort are now in their early 50s, they have … Continue reading

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Change Has Arrived in Canada

This was a historic week in Canadian politics. After the longest campaign in modern times, the Liberal party achieved a clean sweep across the country gaining a majority government. But the real question isn’t who won, but why? Who came … Continue reading

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Are Some Generational Identities a Better “Fit” for Your Organization?

Increasingly our clients are facing a challenge with recruiting the “right” employees, retaining high performers and figuring out how best to manage the employees they have on their teams.  The reason this is becoming an issue is that senior leaders … Continue reading

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Getting to the Top: Right Now!

We hear it in our sessions all the time, and the other day, I heard it on a drama series – ‘the new generation just thinks that they can get to the top very quickly’. This perception of Gen Ys … Continue reading

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