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Are Some Generational Identities a Better “Fit” for Your Organization?

Increasingly our clients are facing a challenge with recruiting the “right” employees, retaining high performers and figuring out how best to manage the employees they have on their teams.  The reason this is becoming an issue is that senior leaders … Continue reading

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Getting to the Top: Right Now!

We hear it in our sessions all the time, and the other day, I heard it on a drama series – ‘the new generation just thinks that they can get to the top very quickly’. This perception of Gen Ys … Continue reading

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Generational Viewpoints on Vacation: It’s Not a Perk

Vacations and Work-Life Balance It is summer and everyone’s thoughts are on vacation – whether long weekends or booked time-off. In conversation with a client, he mentioned that he had just been on a 2-week vacation. He continued saying that … Continue reading

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Is it Life-stages or Generational Differences?

Do Different Generations Turn Into Each Other? Recently I was at a session where the age-old question arose. Isn’t what n-gen’s describes as generational values, behaviours and expectations just a function of age? In other words, “when I was 20 … Continue reading

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Generational cohorts are who they are, all around the world

What Are Different Generations Like in Different Countries? In a majority of sessions, a participant will ask the question as to relationship between cultures and generations, wondering if the n-gen perspective is North American focused. Does it apply to other … Continue reading

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The Effect or Non-Effect of Helicopter Parenting

Does Being a Helicopter Parent Make a Difference when Children Enter the Workforce? While n-gen researches and works with clients on the impact that a multigenerational workforce has on engagement, performance and productivity in the workplace, we have to be … Continue reading

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Four Generations: Investors Looking for a Return

Employees Expect a Return on Investment Do you know for what return each employee is looking? Why did they join your organization and what do they expect that you as a leader will provide them? Employees bring their human capital … Continue reading

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Changing a Traditionalist Work Culture into one that Attracts Gen Ys

Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Gen Ys About 24% of the Canadian workforce is made up Gen Ys. By 2028 (just 14 years from now) it’s predicted that this cohort will make up 75% of the workforce in Canada. However, … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving Key Generational Issues

Creating a Strategy for All Generations The fact that there are multiple generations in the workplace and that they have different values and expectations impacts every aspect of an organization’s people strategies. This includes how organizations attract employees, how they … Continue reading

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Corporate Citizenship and Green Workplaces

Benefits of Corporate Citizenship It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to focus time, effort and energy on corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and going “green.” Why? Because corporate citizenship has many advantages, including increased employee morale, strengthened brand … Continue reading

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