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Getting Different Generations to Effectively Collaborate With One Another

It always amazes me that we are still discussing how to bridge the generational divide in organizations. When I started n-gen 15 years ago, I never imagined that the issue of how to motivate, engage and collaborate across the different … Continue reading

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Motivating & Rewarding Employees of All Generations

How to motivate and engage employees is a topic that consistently receives attention from senior leaders, because it underpins all other business goals. The need to reward and recognize employees in a way that increases their motivation; makes them feel … Continue reading

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What Different Generations Have in Common

As is often the case when I am having a discussion regarding generational differences, the issue of similarities and commonality arise. The conclusion is that while generational differences do exist (as is the case with other forms of diversity such … Continue reading

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Is it Life-stages or Generational Differences?

Do Different Generations Turn Into Each Other? Recently I was at a session where the age-old question arose. Isn’t what n-gen’s describes as generational values, behaviours and expectations just a function of age? In other words, “when I was 20 … Continue reading

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