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The Millennial Mindset & Disrupting Financial Markets

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Vlog 29 | Camping in Ontario | Generational Differences | Customer Service | Giselle Kovary

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Vlog: Why Understanding Generational Differences Is Not Stereotyping

In this week’s vlog, Giselle Kovary talks about why understanding generational differences is not stereotyping.        

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What Different Generations Have in Common

As is often the case when I am having a discussion regarding generational differences, the issue of similarities and commonality arise. The conclusion is that while generational differences do exist (as is the case with other forms of diversity such … Continue reading

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What Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Teaches Us About Working in Teams

How Different Generations Work Together The latest season of Survivor premiered last week and while reality TV is certainly not discussed on this blog often, this season has a special twist that makes it relevant. The latest season features one … Continue reading

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Is it Life-stages or Generational Differences?

Do Different Generations Turn Into Each Other? Recently I was at a session where the age-old question arose. Isn’t what n-gen’s describes as generational values, behaviours and expectations just a function of age? In other words, “when I was 20 … Continue reading

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Generational cohorts are who they are, all around the world

What Are Different Generations Like in Different Countries? In a majority of sessions, a participant will ask the question as to relationship between cultures and generations, wondering if the n-gen perspective is North American focused. Does it apply to other … Continue reading

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