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Organizations today are facing a unique workforce challenge. Your workplace is comprised of multiple generations; Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and now Gen Z as students, interns and new graduates. These generational identities translate into different values, expectations, and behaviors at work, which can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. The youngest generation often does not have a frame of reference to the values, expectations and behaviors that are the foundation of an organization’s culture. It is important for Gen Zs and younger Millennials to understand the expectations the organization has of them, and the impact workplace culture has on creating an engaging work environment for all. This understanding increases young employees’ abilities to succeed within your environment and work effectively both with their leaders, colleagues and clients.

This highly interactive workshop educates Gen Zs and/or Millennials about the values, expectations and behaviors of the other three generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers) and provides insights into the strengths and skills their generation brings to a team. Young employees explore how their views and perspectives may differ from those of their colleagues and managers. We discuss the differences between intent and impact and what behaviors may be negatively perceived by senior leaders and why. We then explore how to be an active participant in creating an engaging organizational culture and how to take a collaborative approach with colleagues and leaders and demonstrate appropriate behaviors with clients. We evaluate the best communication methods and highlight how to engage all generations through effective communication techniques. Each participant leaves the program with career development tips that can be applied right away.

Audience: Up to 30 new graduates / interns
Length: 3 x 2 hours delivery with 2 Action Learning Assignments

  • Describe the key characteristics of each generation’s identity
  • Understand how generational identities translate into behaviors in the workplace
  • Describe the difference between intent and impact
  • Apply tips for effective communication
  • Identify behaviors that support building a collaborative relationship with leaders, colleagues and clients
  • Apply career development tips
  • Apply collaboration tips

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