Top 5 Things NOT to Do

Over the years, we have heard hundreds of anecdotes of the missteps made by Millennials. Often these errors were made in either business etiquette or business practices simply because they didn’t know what was expected of them. We have selected the top five most common errors made by Millennials. We work with participants to analyze why the errors were made, what was the impact was (though not the intent),and how to resolve and ensure that misstep doesn’t happen again.

This workshop is a hands-on problem solving workshop. We begin with the problem, analyze, resolve and build action plans to avoid future problems. We can customize the workshop to your operational environment, and missteps common to your organization.

Audience: New Hires (Millennials)
Length: Half or full day workshop; 60-90 minute presentation

  • Five most common Millennial missteps
  • The difference between intent & impact
  • How to prevent future missteps
  • Action plans to resolving a misstep

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