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Improving Your Work-Life Balance & What Organizations Can Do To Help

The term ‘work-life balance’ is often debated and whether or not that is the best term, or most desirable way, to describe the way employees seek to create a life that incorporates all the things that matter most to them. … Continue reading

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What Millennials Mean by Work-Life Balance

Last week I presented at the annual Society for Human Resources Management conference in New Orleans. With more than 15,000 HR leaders and practitioners at the conference, the energy was and the dialogue was very engaging.  I presented on how … Continue reading

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What Does “Working to Live, Not Living to Work” Mean Today?

How Do Millennials Balance Work and Life? You’ve likely heard the phrase “work to live, not live to work” before, but what does this phrase actually mean? How does it apply to you? And how has this concept changed? It’s … Continue reading

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Why Achieving a Work-Life ‘Balance’ Is Still A Priority

Can Work-Life Balance Be Achieved? Regardless of what type of organization we are working with, from private to public sector, small to large, professional environment to skilled trades, leaders consistently speak of their employees’ desires for a greater work-life balance. … Continue reading

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Gen Ys’ Perspectives on the Workplace

How Gen Ys Feel About Work Each generation has different perspectives on the workplace. Members of one cohort may have difficulty understanding the perspectives of other generations which can cause conflict in a work environment. For example, a Baby Boomer … Continue reading

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