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The Power of an Engaged Employee to Deliver Outstanding Service

I recently had the opportunity to evaluate, in detail, the quality of service in the travel and hospitality industries. I got married in the US earlier this month and had to organize a destination wedding while living in Toronto. I … Continue reading

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Coaching Employees Out of Your Team

The title is a bit ambiguous – does it mean coaching poor performers out of the organization or coaching high performers out of the organization? The answer is: both. Certainly, it is important for leaders to be able release poor … Continue reading

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Using Creativity and Innovation to Solve Sales & Operational Challenges

In a lot of workplaces, “creativity” and “innovation” are thrown around frequently. They end up becoming blanket terms and no one knows what they mean. Unless your organization/department is part of the small percentage that is coming up with the … Continue reading

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Using Succession Plans As An Engagement Tool

The Role Succession Planning Plays in Employee Engagement Succession planning is a process that is often discussed at senior levels though, in our experience, rarely well executed. To build an effective succession plan you must: Select the right approach for … Continue reading

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