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The People Side of Change Management

Improving Engagement in the Change Management Process In the last few days I have had several conversations with existing and prospective clients on the challenges their organizations are facing, particularly as they undergo significant change.  A common theme is that, … Continue reading

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Succession Planning – What’s the Point?

Making Succession Planning Work for All Generations Over a decade ago, when we first started n-gen, there were a lot of discussions about succession planning. HR leaders were trying to figure out what the best method was to succession plan. … Continue reading

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Creating Mutual Accountability Between Leaders & Direct Reports

Mutual Accountability in the Workplace Once upon a time, the notion of there being ‘mutual accountability’ between a leader and his/her direct report would have been seen as an overly sensitive way to look at the reporting relationship. Traditionalist, Baby … Continue reading

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Four Generations: Investors Looking for a Return

Employees Expect a Return on Investment Do you know for what return each employee is looking? Why did they join your organization and what do they expect that you as a leader will provide them? Employees bring their human capital … Continue reading

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Engaging Gen Y Customers

Attracting Gen Ys to Your Brand A few weeks ago I worked with a client to explore how their business and current product offering could be modified and enhanced to better attract and engage Gen Y customers.  For this organization, … Continue reading

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