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Building a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

How to Build a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Leveraging the diversity in your organization is crucial for succeeding in a global marketplace or with a highly diverse customer base. Having a variety of different employees with different skills and backgrounds … Continue reading

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Mentoring Versus Sponsorship – Why You Need a Sponsor

The Difference between a Mentor and a Sponsor Having a mentor or a sponsor at your organization can greatly help your career. In fact, it is often crucial for successful career development. But what is the difference between a mentor … Continue reading

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What Happens During Downsizing & How Organizations Can Manage The Experience

Change Management During Downsizing Unfortunately, downsizing can be necessary sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a difficult process. Downsizing introduces many challenges and changes into an organization. Those employees who remain may have feelings of unease, anger or … Continue reading

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Effectively selling to Multigenerational Customers: What do Gen Ys expect?

Understanding Your Audience There are many differences between the generations, both in their values and expectations as well as in the lifestyles that they prefer to live. This can be a challenge when you are attempting to sell a product … Continue reading

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