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The Race to Engage Future Leaders

The Race to Engage Future Leaders. What’s the Hurry? Many industries are facing a looming leadership gap as seasoned employees retire and younger employees must assume increased responsibilities.  In some organizations, there will not be enough qualified people to fill … Continue reading

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Succession Planning: Useful Exercise or an Exercise in Futility?

Succession Planning & Developing Future Leaders Organizations engage in succession planning in order to evaluate top talent, improve the organization’s strength in key positions, identify potential candidates early in their careers and create strategies to retain them, as well as … Continue reading

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The Future of Unions – Engaging all Four Generations

Generational Challenges Facing Unions Most unions have long histories and many traditions. They are also mainly dominated by Baby Boomer members and leaders. This often means that unions have very traditional values and expectations that align with their membership. When … Continue reading

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Gen Y Differences in Leadership, Sales & Service: Building Your Future Workforce

Generation Y in Sales and Service Gen Y is a cohort that has high levels of confidence, developed through experiences that reinforced their strengths and downplayed their areas for improvement. In the sometimes rough world of sales, however, setbacks resulting … Continue reading

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