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Attracting Gen Y clients – Is it Worth the Effort?

This week I presented to a group of sales people in the financial sector on how to layer on a generational perspective to the sales process.  We discussed ways in which sales people could and should adjust their selling techniques … Continue reading

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It’s All About Definitions: a Leader’s Perspective

It is not uncommon for leaders to make judgements about team members. Often they express frustration because they say direct reports are not taking ‘initiative’ or are not ‘proactive’ or they are not ‘strategic’. The challenge is that every time … Continue reading

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Supporting Younger Managers to Effectively Lead Experienced Employees

In the past few weeks I have had several conversations with clients regarding how to support and assist their youngest managers in effectively leading their more senior employees, both in experience and age.  This is such a hot button issue … Continue reading

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The Myths and Strengths of Networking

Networking from a Generational Perspective The term ‘networking’ is thrown around constantly. It is a motherhood statement that we in various circumstances don’t actually know what it means or how to do it. From a generational perspective, there is a … Continue reading

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