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Problem-Solving Key Generational Issues

Creating a Strategy for All Generations The fact that there are multiple generations in the workplace and that they have different values and expectations impacts every aspect of an organization’s people strategies. This includes how organizations attract employees, how they … Continue reading

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Alternative Work Schedules: How to Maximize Flexibility

Different Types of Alternative Work Schedules Currently, most organizations offer some type of alternative work scheduling options, however how they operationalize it is quite distinct. There are a number of different types of alternative work arrangements and options in order … Continue reading

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Gen Ys’ Perspectives on the Workplace

How Gen Ys Feel About Work Each generation has different perspectives on the workplace. Members of one cohort may have difficulty understanding the perspectives of other generations which can cause conflict in a work environment. For example, a Baby Boomer … Continue reading

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Employees as Investors – Communicating The ROI

Employees as Investors The longer you keep employees and the higher performing they are, the greater your return on investment is in recruited them. But have you calculated the return on investment that your employees receive from working for you? … Continue reading

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