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Managing High Performers: Tips For Improving Engagement

Keeping High Performers Obviously, keeping high performing employees with your organization delivers benefits and is a primary goal of leaders. High performers contribute to your organization’s succeed  now and help set you up for success in the future by making … Continue reading

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Change Management: What to do when you Get a New Manager

Working for a New Manager Getting a new boss or manager can be difficult. Perhaps you really liked the way your previous manager did things. Maybe you established a great reputation with your old manager and you’re worried that the … Continue reading

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Why Companies Aren’t Hiring Recent College & University Graduates

What Organizations are Looking for in New Gen Y Employees When it comes to hiring new employees, many organizations spend a great deal of time and effort recruiting on campuses and at job fairs. Many job postings clearly state that … Continue reading

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Changing a Traditionalist Work Culture into one that Attracts Gen Ys

Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Gen Ys About 24% of the Canadian workforce is made up Gen Ys. By 2028 (just 14 years from now) it’s predicted that this cohort will make up 75% of the workforce in Canada. However, … Continue reading

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