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What the World Cup Can Teach Your Organization About High Performing Teams

What it Takes to Have a High Performing Team As I prepare to leave for Brazil next week to attend some World Cup soccer games, I started thinking about what makes some of the teams more high performing than others. … Continue reading

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Layering On A Generational Perspective to Your Orientation Process

Different Generations and the Orientation Process Last week I worked with an HR team to explore how generational identities impact people practices.  Specifically, we spent time exploring how their current orientation process could be enhanced to better tap into the … Continue reading

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Four Generations – Four Types of Customers: Building Strong Customer Relationships

Recognizing that Customers Can Be Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys We recently did a session with sales representatives of a pharmaceutical company. The workshop focused on building strong relationships with customers from opening to probing to closing … Continue reading

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How A Multigenerational Workforce Impacts Corporate Security

How Different Generations See Confidential Information A few weeks ago, we presented a presentation to a group of security executives representing large multinational corporations and the public sector. They were curious about how the generational differences, and particularly younger employees’ … Continue reading

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