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A Generational Perspective to Managing Virtual Teams

Making All Generations Comfortable with Working Virtually These days, working for an organization doesn’t necessarily mean heading into an office each day for eight hours or more. In the age of video chats, smartphones, instant messaging, social media and online … Continue reading

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Effectively Delegating

How Each Generation of Leaders Approaches  Delegation Delegation can be difficult for many leaders, as it can be perceived as giving up control. Different generations see delegation in different ways. For example, in a Traditionalist environment, it may be seen … Continue reading

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Generational Expectations for Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition for all Generations in the Workplace Every generation desires recognition. However, each generation has different expectations as to what, when and how often they are recognized. Gen Xers and Gen Ys tend to view their employment relationship as … Continue reading

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Getting each generation to embrace performance management

Defining Performance Management Performance management can be defined in a number of different ways. At its core, it is a process designed to deliver business results through high-performing employees. Performance management allows you to get better results from your organization, … Continue reading

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