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Supporting What Matters to Employees

Caring About What Your Employees Care About I’m in the midst of planning a charity BBQ to raise money for breast cancer research and in between coordinating donations, promoting the event and encouraging people to donate, I started to think … Continue reading

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The Effect or Non-Effect of Helicopter Parenting

Does Being a Helicopter Parent Make a Difference when Children Enter the Workforce? While n-gen researches and works with clients on the impact that a multigenerational workforce has on engagement, performance and productivity in the workplace, we have to be … Continue reading

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What does the ‘Selfie’ Phenomena tell us about Employees?

Employees and Selfies The other day I was at a garden centre and as I rounded the corner, I noticed the cashier taking a selfie at the register.  Nowadays, customers are pretty used to seeing smart phones alongside the cash … Continue reading

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Why Summer Hours Are a Good Idea

Providing Flexible Work Schedules If you live in Canada, as we do, you know how short the summer season is – especially after the polar vortex we experience last winter.  As a self-proclaimed ‘sun worshipper’ there is nothing I love … Continue reading

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